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Expansion and change: The SCORE Joint-Venture team has  expanded our efforts to Alburnett High School.  We will do our utmost to tailor a program that will fit in and augment any FBLA Chapter. As of today the complete list of dates and times have been listed on the Alburnett Home Page.  Go there directly now!    WE have added Wednesday evening hours for Network Design. We are working on an additional Mentor who’ll be able assist on Saturdays. Mr. Kyle Kuhlers is working on schedules for the other 3 or four topics that will be covered this year. As soon as those are available, we will update the Alburnett Home PageMore info will be published here as it becomes available.

Events will be posted: At this time all FBLA/SCORE sessions will be held at Alburnett High School.  See the Alburnett Home Page for details. Although this Joint-Venture was sponsored by Alburnett Business Department,  all FBLA or business oriented students  are and will be more than welcome to attend.  Please use the comment section at the end of the page, providing: Name, School, grade, and number of individuals who would like to attend.  Or if more convienant please e-mail J.R. Wright ( SCORE Advocate with questions and/or  reservations.

The planning phase:  With addition of Alburnett the joint-venture will nearly triple in student particapation  The number of students participating at Linn-Mar has significantly increased. Please follow this  link for the details. The 2012-2013 Joint-Venture is now in the planning. In the future all students, faculty and advisors will be given the opportunity to provide us, SCORE ECI, our report card for each event.  Please feel free to provide any and all feedback.  With  your help we can make this program more effective and exciting.

Special emphasis will be placed on these five topics at the beginning of the venture.  Other topics may be added if interest is expressed.

Business and Financial Plans             Network Design    

                            Effective Marketing Concepts

Management Info Systems     Management Decision Making

Help Desk and Client Services   Speakers on given topics

Entrepreneursip-What it takes      How to work with an Entrepreneur/Owner       

    Salesmanship                                          Personal Financial Planning     Interviewing

The Most Recent Planning Sessions: 

Linn-Mar High School October 9, 2012 Marion, Iowa

  • Begin planning for competition in November with a strong emphasis in January. Students will be required to sign up for their competition the first part of January. In January and February we are planning work sessions. During this time, we would like for our students to attend meetings with Alburnett in addition to the sessions we plan for students to do here at Linn-Mar.

  • Work with the Marion Chamber of Commerce to promote the Blue Zones Project (For details follow this link). Students have been attending meetings with the Chamber since August. Tomorrow they will attend another. Our goal is to promote the Blue Zones at the high school to the student body. Our Activity and Community Service committees are in charge.

  • Begin a partnership with FOX radio to create FBLA on the FOX. FOX radio is donating one hour of air time, Sunday nights 10-11, for six weeks. Students are to plan the music, commercials, and radio time. We are hoping to start broadcasting the first week of November. Our Fundraising Committee is in charge.

  • Continue our partnership with the March of Dimes. November is the Premature Month. Our Community Service Committee is planning all activities.

  • Increase communication with parents, students and the community. So far we have vamped up our email and texting. At this time we have a very complete list of all of our members and have been communicating with them via text, twitter, facebook, and the LM website

Linn-Mar High School  April 30, 2012  Marion, Iowa

On April 30 2012 the Linn-Mar Fbla Chapter held its Annual Banquet in the Lower Commons of the High School.  The event was held in concert with banquets sponsored by the FFA and Robotics Group. These student organizations provide an atmosphere where public service, education and personal development have the opportunity to thrive. 

After the combined get-to-gether the three groups broke up for individual meetings.  We thank the Linn-Mar Schools for providing us the opportunity to meet and talk to so many different individuals at one time.

The FBLA Chapter was represented by several members, officers and parents.  A discussion brought up topics covering the planning for next years activities as well as the joint venture opportunities. Elections of Officers this year, direction of presentations and exercises, and a relationship with the Marion Chamber of Commerce were topics of discussion.  More in depth discussions and finalization of plans will occur soon.  We hope to have that date/location set and published in a short time .  All interested parties are welcome to attend.


 August 15                       First Day of School          Linn Mar


September 3, 2012        Labor Day NS K-12          Linn-Mar

October 12, 2012            NS K-12                                Linn-Mar

October 15, 2012            NS K-12                                Linn-Mar


State FBLA Fall Leadership Conference: October 23-October 24, 2012 Des Moines, Iowa

The State Fall Leadership Conference(SFLC) is a two‑day conference held in October. Delegates from local chapters in each state may attend the SFLC. Iowa FBLA State Officers attend in addition to local officers, members, and advisers. All FBLA members are eligible to attend, depending on local guidelines. In addition to FBLA members, DECA and BPA students will be in attendence as well. The State Fall Leadership Conference consists of general sessions, special interest sessions, seminars, workshops, tours, and other leadership development activities.


November 9, 2012                           NS K-8                      Linn-Mar

November 21, 2012                         NS K-12                    Linn-Mar

November 22-23, 2012                  Thankgiving Holiday

December 24, 2012-Jan 1, 2013  Winter Break

January 2, 2013                                NS K-12                    Linn-Mar

February 15, 2013                             NS K-8                      Linn-Mar

February 18, 2013                             NS K-12                     Linn-Mar

March 8, 2013                                    NS K-12                      Linn-Mar

March 11-15, 2013                             Spring Break           Linn-Mar

April 8, 2013                                       NS K-12                       Linn-Mar

May 6, 2013                                         NS K-12                       Linn-Mar

May 24, 2013                                      Last day of School    Linn-Mar


 Here is a list of past events

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the following

individuals that made this Joint-Venture possible.  James Burns,

Greg Christensen, Jim Finerty, Jim Green, Vern Jackson, Terry Lamb,

Chuck Murphy, Greg Probst, Jim Williams from SCORE ECI plus

Jerry Donaldson and Dana Lampe from Linn-Mar High School.

National FBLA Leadership Conference: June 29 – July 2, 2012  San Antonio, Texas This event-Completed

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is held during the summer months in a selected city in the United States. Iowa first‑place competitive event winners and second‑place competitive event winners with a counterpart national event are eligible to compete at the NLC. All Iowa members and advisers are eligible to attend, based on local and state guidelines. In addition to competitive events, the NLC consists of tours, business meetings, special interest sessions, seminars, workshops, awards programs, election and installation of national officers, and other planned educational/leadership development activities.

FBLA Judge Post Meeting: Saturday, April 21,2012, 10 AM, Linn-Mar High School, Marion This event-completed

The following students attended this event:  Zach Olinger, Shawn Barth, Alex Stepanek and Kean McBurney all from Alburnett.  Shannon Smith, Creston Student Adviser participated via SKYPE.  We hope that all preparations will go well for the students involved. This event will be held to prepare qualifiers to compete at the next level. Please e-mail Jodi Leimkuehler if you would be willing to work with students as they revise their reports, projects, and speeches for the National Leadership Conference (See next entry).Unable to meet face to face?  Feel free to Skype in!  Please advise if there are any other students who are interested.  Jodi’s


The FBLA State Leadership Conference: March 29-31 Coralville, Iowa. This event Completed

The Iowa FBLA State Leadership Conference (SLC) is a three day conference held each spring. The conference consists of general sessions, competitive events, seminars, workshops, election of officers, awards, special programs, and other planned leadership and educational activities. Competitors from Linn-Mar as well as other area schools have an opportunity to earn the privilege to go to the National Leadership Conference (see below).  Several of our SCORE Mentors have been invited to be judges for these events.  Jerry Donaldson, Greg Probst and J.R. were in attendance.


Entrepreneurship”and     What it takes to be an Entrepreneur”.  These events completed

    Business and Financial Plans  This event completed


 Effective Marketing Concepts   This event completed


One on One Consultations Student and Mentor This event completed

 Interested SCORE Volunteers were invited to pitch in during this time period to act as judges. Those judges were Jim Green, Chuck Murphy, Greg Probst and J.R. Wright.The main reason for the change is to provide input to the students, instead of a case review. So parents, advisers and Volunteers are being recruited to review the students’ work as they practice their speeches, review their reports, resumes, etc.


Network Design Exercise This event completed

  Client Services and Help Desk Information   This event was canceled due to weather  



 Exercises were designed to help prepare the students for competitions in the Spring. We will be used a similar format for each nights’ exercises

#1 Explain the goals and ground rules of the exercise.

#2 Provide the details of each exercise.

#3 Break into convienent groups for preparation and/or problem solving

#4 Each  group was given a specific time to present a case for each exercise.

#5 A specific time was alloted for suggestions, improvements and questions interacting with Mentors and school staff.

#6 Wrap Up meeting with a summation by lead of the Topic covered with specific suggestions and warnings of what to be ready for when covering topic in Competition

Other points to be considered:

  • To help guide our exercises with students we will use exercises created from Mentor/Presenter experience.  If unable to provide these examples, others will be prepared by the staff.
  • The sessions were led by one or two Mentors who covered real life example to demonstrate how sample cases would have been handled
  • In the future Case studies may include:    


JR. Wright-Mentor            319 804 1962           jr.wright6070

Jim Green-Mentor                                         

Dana Lampe-Adviser         319  360 3799 dm.lampe  or  S Lampe

Jerry Donaldson-Liason                           


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                                 Go to Prairie Home Page

4 Responses “Linn-Mar FBLA Home Page” →
  1. Very nice presentation on Entrepreneurship on Monday, I really enjoyed the practice business case so you could apply the knowledge you just learned.


    • forthefbla

      September 28, 2011


      Thank you for your reply and comment. Each of the planned exercises will be managed in the same format. Are there any additions that you would like to see?

      Thanks again-Have a wonderful day and spread the word!!

      JR Wright


  2. Diane Goudy

    September 8, 2011

    Sounds very interesting — I’ve heard SCORE mentioned several times over the years — and this sounds like a real connection. The topics you have listed sound great. I am wondering if “Business Plan” is going to ever be one of the topics.


    • forthefbla

      September 8, 2011

      Yes it is now scheduled.
      This was an oversight on our editors’ part. We have lashed him several times now so we hope that this type of error will not occur again.
      It is now scheduled for October 24, 2011 6:30-8:30 PM at Linn-Mar.

      Thank you for visiting.

      The editor


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